Archery Getting a Boost in Popularity

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We all know bow hunting is popular in Texas, but what about archery? Some say it is a lost art, but others disagree.

Some of the sport's supporters could be found Saturday at Texas A&M University.

The 2008 Texas State Junior Olympic Archery Development Indoor Championship was held at G. Rollie White Coliseum. About 100 youth shooters competed, including some of the very best archery athletes in Texas.

"I tried it and I really enjoyed the sport and I did really good so I liked it," Emelia Hamiter said.

"I never was into other sports, I mean I never liked basketball or anything," Max Sera said. "It is just fun and I just kept doing it."

"The people in it our just wonderful," Charly Anderson said. "They've always been nice and caring and it's even when there is competition. They are all friends and you are cheering each other on, win or lose. It's great."

It is also competitive. These athletes compete world-wide and many have dreams of grabbing the gold.

"I actually want to try to go to the Olympics for this," Hamiter said. "I really want to practice and get really good, cause I would like this to be my career."

The sport is not only for the rough and tough.

"I have a pink bow and it has rhinestones on it and everything," Hamiter said.

But, for those wanting something different.

"You just have a lot of fun doing it," Sera said. "You meet a whole lot of people, a whole lot of friends."

It is not only about the challenge or the love for the sport, some tell us it is about the experience.

"There's been great success in this program by having these kids get in this and prove to themselves that if you are self disciplined they can accomplish some neat things," David Anderson with the Brazos 4-H Archery Club said. "There are life long skills involved here."

"I may do it in college and hopefully I'll just join the 4-H and keep being a leader to other kids and just maybe teach them," Charly Anderson said. "I really think it is a good cause and it helps kids a lot with a lot of stuff."