McCain Wins In South Carolina

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John McCain is celebrating a hard-fought victory in South Carolina's Republican primary.

McCain defeated Mike Huckabee by just a few percentage points.
Fred Thompson, who had been counting on a strong showing, is in a
struggle for third place with Mitt Romney.

The Arizona senator says his campaign still has a long way to go, but McCain says he expects this win to give him a boost in Florida.

After suffering a defeat in 2000 for the GOP nomination, McCain says it's nice to give a lot of his "old friends" something to be happy about.

Runner-up Mike Huckabee is pledging to continue on, saying the
path to the White House has not ended in South Carolina.

Meanwhile, Rudy Giuliani says he is waiting for his rivals in
Florida. The former New York mayor has yet to win a nominating
contest and is pinning his nomination hopes on the Sunshine state.

Meantime, it's a split victory for the Democrats in Nevada.

Hillary Rodham Clinton has won the popular vote. But rival Barack Obama has edged her out of the national convention delegates
at stake, taking 13 to her 12.

Interviews with Democratic caucus-goers indicate that Clinton's
victory came by winning about half the votes cast by whites and
two-thirds support from Hispanics. Obama won about 80 percent of
the black vote.

For the GOP, Mitt Romney is the clear winner. The former
Massachusetts governor brought in about half the vote. John McCain
and Ron Paul were his closest opponents, but didn't pose a threat.