Norris Opens Ranch for Huckabee, Virtual Viewers

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It was quite the shindig held by an action hero for an Arkansan with an eye on the presidency.

Action star Chuck Norris hosted Republican presidential hopeful Mike Huckabee this afternoon at Norris' Grimes County ranch.

The event was an online fund-raising effort where fans of Chuck and Huck could donate money to the former Arkansas' governor's campaign and see live coverage from the Lone Wolf Ranch of the event.

Norris and his wife have been active on the campaign trail for Huckabee.

"When they tell you they're going to come out and campaign for you, they're not kidding. It's not just a whiz-by," Huckabee said before leaving from Easterwood Airport. "It's an honest to goodness, diving into the deep water and going with us, and they've made a big impact.

"People love Chuck Norris," he continued. "He's almost an icon, and particularly among students and people under the age of 30. We played 3,000 people at a college gym somewhere because of Chuck Norris."

For at least a $15 contribution to Huckabee's camp, you could watch a live tour of Norris' ranch, and hear from the Chuck and Huck connection, including Huckabee's band, which performed at the event.