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Could Cheerleaders Moves Be Too Provocative?

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High school cheerleaders get the crowds pumped up for the Friday night games and over the years, cheerleading has become more of an athletic sport, but do their moves provoke more than just school spirit?

Neely Smith, a cheer coach at Brazos Valley Gymnastics, also judges high school tryouts and says there are some moves that may not be appropriate for girls their age.

"It does seem a little bit trivial but its something that on a school level advisors, coaches, administration; they all need to be aware of what's going on; don't let your girls go out and do a dance like that," says Neely.

One Houston lawmaker wants the legislature to consider withholding federal funds from schools whose cheerleaders who perform sexually suggestive routines.

College Station ISD assistant superintendent Eddie Coulson says the district sets certain standards for their students involved in extracurricular activities. But he believes this is not an issue lawmakers need to concentrate on.

"I would really like to see the focus remain on issues at hand. Those are really school finance and student success; those type of issues as oppose to how it is that cheerleaders are dancing," says Coulson.

Neely teaches her girls what's appropriate and what's not.

"Our rules in our dancing, cheers, anything for that matter is that you are not allowed to put anything suggestive in it," says Neely.