Fourteen Believed Dead in Plant Explosion

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TEXAS CITY, Texas (AP) - Company officials believe 14 people died in Wednesday’s fiery explosion at a BP refinery in Texas City.

Dozens of other workers and nearby residents were hurt.

The cause of the accident is sought.

BP officials say the focus now is to provide support to affected family members.

About 100 people were treated at area hospitals, mainly for broken bones, cuts, concussions and other injuries.

At least one person was being treated at a burn unit.

The blast happened shortly before 1:30 p.m. It took emergency crews about two hours to extinguish the fire.

More than 20 vehicles were destroyed in the explosion and fire, which happened in a part of the plant used to boost the octane level of gasoline.

BP officials also say terrorism is not a primary focus of the investigation.

The refinery employs about 1800 people.