Transportation Needs For The Brazos Valley

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As the population rises so does the need for expansion of Texas roadways. A 32 percent increase in funds are coming to Texas, $16 billion to improve major highways.

U.S. lawmakers set aside $12 million for Brazos County transportation needs over the next six years.

"Projects like Barron road, south of College Station, Old Reliance road in Bryan where there's tremendous congestion here locally. We've got to not only work on the big highway projects but the inner city roads where there's a lot of congestion. This is a matter of safety, economic development and equality for life." says Representative Chet Edwards.

Brazos Valley leaders held a roundtable discussion to discuss what their needs were. Current transportation plans include a high-speed rail line and the construction of I-69, which would run from Mexico to Canada.

"I would hate for us to get behind the curve here in Brazos County knowing full well traffic is building every single year." says County Judge Randy Sims.

"There are a thousand and one questions that still have to be answered about that project. But it has real potential of making Brazos County a rail corridor. Its awfully important to this area and its economic growth if all the funding questions and other issues can be worked out." says Edwards.

Edwards says these roadway improvements are crucial to Brazos Valley, because its not on an interstate highway. So improvements to highway 6 and 21 need to be looked at...turning the roads from a liability into an asset for economic growth.