Jackson Judge to Allow Evidence on Old Allegations

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The judge in the Michael Jackson trial is clearing the way for testimony from others who say Jackson molested them or behaved inappropriately.

The judge Monday gave prosecutors the go-ahead to present testimony about past allegations against Jackson. They involve five boys -- including two who reached multi-million-dollar civi settlements with Jackson.

The judge heard arguments from the two sides on whether he should allow the testimony. He ruled that jurors could hear about alleged sexual offenses and about an alleged pattern of "grooming" -- or preparing the boys for molestation.

In all, prosecutors wanted to introduce testimony about seven
boys. But the judge rejected evidence about two of them.

He's allowing testimony from an accuser who, in 1990, got a $2.4 million dollar settlement from Jackson. The boy's mother can also testify. But another boy who got a settlement in 1993 won't testify.