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Citizen's Shelter Board Delayed

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Months ago the Brazos Animal Shelter Board was expected to shift power from elected officials to appointed citizens.

But there's been no change.

The shelter's director says it's because board members are dragging their feet.

Board president Mayor Ron Silvia says both cities and the county are still considering restructuring the board, but do not want to leave the shelter's main financial sources out of the loop.

Currently the board is made up of the Bryan and College Station mayors and the county judge.

The new board would be made up of 12 citizens, three representing the interests of the cities and county.

Mayor Silvia says the city managers have been meeting to come up with a compromise that still gives local government a majority of power .

"We have to look at a way to keep the governance going and protecting our cities and our counties," says Board President Mayor Ron Silvia.

The shelter director says a new board will help raise money and save tax payer's money.