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Cyber Safety Web Site

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Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott paid a visit to College Station Tuesday. He met with students at Rock Prairie Elementary to introduce them to a new Web page designed to warn kids about the dangers lurking on the Internet.

" Unfortunately we have found that the Internet has turned out to be a very dangerous place for children," said Abbott.

Abbott announced the launch of a new Web site designed to educate kids about the dangers that lurk online. The Web site includes tips and games about how to stay safe on line.

Abbott says he saw the need for the Web site after 59 alleged child predators were arrested by the Cyber Crimes Unit, which was formed by his office two years ago.

" We want to address the issue of Internet safety from all angles. We want to prosecute people who are preying upon our children on the Internet," said Abbott.

Last May Harvey White of College Station was arrested for allegedly soliciting sex from a child over the Internet. Police say he arrived in Hays County expecting to have sex with a 14-year-old girl. The Attorney General's office says these types of meetings are become more common.

" Really it is a big problem, said Officer Paul Aleman, a Cyber Safety Officer. His job is to go into Texas schools and teach children about Internet safety.

" I go into the schools in conjunction with the school districts and teachers to show these kids how they need to be safe on the Internet and then give them information to take home so parents can re-enforce that, said Aleman.

General Abbott says the Web site was designed to be fun and educational for kids, but he urges more parents and schools to be proactive about cyber safety.

"Parents need to come to the realization that the Internet can be a dangerous place just like a playground can be a dangerous place," said Abbott.

Abbott says he hopes the Cyber Crimes Unit and cyber safety Web site can help make the Internet a safe place for kids.