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Conroe Woman Arrested For Mother's Murder

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Montgomery County Detectives say a Conroe woman has confessed to killing her mother and dumping her body on the side of the road.

The daughter and a neighbor are charged with the crime but are there more suspects?

50-year-old Yvette King rarely left her house because she was confined to a wheel chair, and detectives say it was here she was murdered at the hand of her own daughter.

"We spoke to friends and associates of hers and it led us back to Brandi King," says Detective Mike Landrum.

Brandi reported her mother missing days after an unidentified body was found near an oil well.

Detectives believe Brandi King and neighbor Rocco Masselle dumped her mother's body here because it's a remote location and not far from the victim's home.

It was at least a week before anyone found Yvette's badly decomposed body.

"It's an area we find stolen vehicles and people dump regular trash, it's a place they can get out to unseen and dump things," says Det. Landrum.

Brandi identified her mother only by the jewelry she was wearing.

Now Brandi and Rocco Masselle have both confessed to the murder.

But authorities are being tight lipped about a possible motive because they believe more people were involved in planning Yvette's death.

Neighbors say the only motive Brandi needed was her mother's disability check.

"They didn't have a very good relationship at all. You would hear Brandi yelling at her mom...she really didn't have a chance," says neighbor Vanessa Sammons.

"It's shocking because she seemed pretty normal but then on the other hand you never know people," says acquaintance Melvin Ross.

Those who knew both mother and daughter say this tragedy is still not over.

"She's gonna wake up one day and realize what's happen and it's gonna hurt," says Sammons.

The cause of death is still unknown, although there were no signs of a struggle.

King and Masselle remain in jail each on $150,000 bail.