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Is Your Child Safe Anywhere?

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Is any place safe for a child anymore? That's the question many parents are wondering after a former Boy Scout official is charged with distributing child pornography. News 3 spoke with local youth leaders about the issue.

A former Boy Scout leader, pleading guilty to receiving and delivering child pornography over the Internet. It's a case that's sending shock waves through the national Boy Scouts of America organization.

The local chapter of the Boys Scouts is also surprised. But they say the organization has procedures in place to protect its members, including extensive background checks and training courses.

" If we are going on some kind of outing we have at least 2 adults present. If we have activities where we have our meetings, we're not even one on one with the boys at that level," said Rod Anderson, a local Boy Scout committee member.

Anderson and his wife are actively involved with Boys Scouts. Their 15 year old son is a member. Anderson says he hasn't heard of any complaints on the local level about scout leaders or volunteers.

" To me it's still one of the safest organizations your child can be involved with because of the guidelines that are out there and they are strictly followed," said Anderson.

Like the Boy Scouts, the Boys and Girls Club is another popular youth organization in the Brazos Valley. Club President, Ron Rolett, says the best advice for parents is to know who your child is around and ask questions before your child becomes a member of a youth organization.

" We do a thorough background check on criminal and obviously an emphasis on sexual crimes against children. We take the security and care of our children very seriously," said Rolett.

Scout leaders still believe in the values the boy scouts stand for. They say isolated incidents like the one in north Texas shouldn't prevent parents from letting their boys join the scouts.