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Conservatives Conduct Mock Marriage in Protest of GAW

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A mock wedding turned into a political protest on both sides of the gay marriage issue.

Wednesday, a student group protesting Gay Awareness Week at Texas A&M quickly turned into the target of protest themselves.

Texas A&M conservatives are taking an untraditional jab at gay marriage in protest of Gay Awareness Week.

"We're not protesting the events themselves because they have a right to free speech but we just don't think it’s right to support them with public money," says David Morris.

The group Young Conservatives of Texas, satirically married gay couples to point out what they believe the university is supporting.

Gay Awareness Week is now in its tenth year and is sponsored by Texas A&M's office of Gender Issues.

They say gay and lesbian groups aren't getting any more money than any other student organization.

"We no longer receive student fees. We do receive public funds for the office of gender issues but it's not different than the sociology office or any other office, and it's not a student organization. It's no more university funded than their events are," says Sarah Bendoraitis of the Gender Issues Education Services Office.

The YCT's say the majority of students support their views, but they were the minority at their own protest.

"The simple fact that we don't have thousands of conservatives flocking out here just stands to know that conservatives know that their presence is really not all that necessary," says John Barnett of the YCT's.

Some students found the protest offensive and decided to protest themselves.

"It's really frustrating to me to be one a campus where they're making fun of Gay Awareness Week and not only making fun but making fun of the idea of gay marriage," says student Mitzi Kaufman.

Both Gay Awareness Week and YCT organizers say the protest works to their advantage by bringing the issues to light and igniting discussion.