Carino's Italian Restaurant Shut Down Because of Roaches

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*Update* Two restaurant's re-open after The Brazos County Health Department shut them down 24 hours.

Johnny Carino's reopened Thursday night after the Health Department closed them down after finding cock roaches.

Gattitown in College Station re-opened as well after repairing a hot water heater that had gone out.

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The Brazos County Health Department closed the doors of two College Station restaurants this week, one of them after finding roaches.

The Carino's Italian Restaurant on Harvey Road was shut down Wednesday after inspectors found roaches scattered around the restaurant.

The problem was not an infestation, just several live and dead roaches found in the kitchen and servers' area.

Carino's was closed down for 24 hours and fined $500.

Meanwhile the Gattitown on Texas Avenue was also shutdown for 24 hours due to a lack of hot water