Local Catholic Leaders Are Praying for the Pope

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Catholics around the world and here at home have their eyes on Vatican City today as Pope John Paul the second clings to life. But for much of the day their eyes have been closed.

Father Michael Sis of St. Mary's Catholic Church says, "What we're doing now is praying for a peaceful death, praying the lord will give him peace cause we know the holy father is prepared for his death spiritually."

Local Catholics took time out to pray for their leader.

Father Dean of St. Thomas says the pontiff has been ill for many years and says he's been a prime example for the Roman Catholic Church.

"The pope has been a beautiful example of how to live gracefully, suffer gracefully and perhaps how nearing or ending his life here to die gracefully," says Father Dean.

For over 25 years, the Pope has been the point of direction for the Catholic Church.

Father Sis says it is important for those who have lived through the changing of leadership to help the younger members see that the church moves on.

"For most people in our church the only pope they've ever known is Pope John Paul the second. So to have to transition of the pope is a huge shift for them," says Father Sis.

Local catholic churches are preparing for the Pope's passing with a special mass as late as 9 p.m. Friday.