Annexation Plan Draws Concerned Would-Be CS Residents

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A few hundred residents have packed into College Station's city hall Thursday in the first public hearing concerning the city's annexation plan.

Most of the county dwellers voiced major concerns over the possibility the city limits would move around them.

In all, six areas are being considered, totaling just over 3,000 acres, about 800 dwellings and more than 1,700 people.

College Station's staff is looking at getting ahead of development and growth of the city, and the ability to better control their gateways. New property would also help secure the city's tax base.

The majority of the would-be city residents are saying no to the plan, believing it's a land grab and an attempt at more tax dollars.

College Station city staff members, in their presentation, say the city would immediately provide first responder services, along with water and wastewater services. But those residents are saying they've already got those services, and are happy with them.

The next hearing comes Tuesday.