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Mixer Crashes Into Home, Driver Dies

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Lonzie Roberson of Navasota was spending a sunny Saturday mowing his yard, when he heard a crash.

"I heard all the commotion, and I stopped and looked around, and I saw this concrete tank coming through the yard," he said.

Usually, Lonzie's grandkids are over Saturday mornings to spend time with him and his wife.

"Every Saturday morning, we come up to Granny's," according to Shakaria Roberson, one of those grandkids. "We call them Granny and Grandpa. We come up here every Saturday morning. Just right there where you see that chair, where everything is, that's where she sits."

"This Saturday morning, my wife was out-of-town," Lonzie said, "so they weren't over here, and thank God that they weren't."

A tree was the first thing impacted by the truck as it made its treacherous journey down FM 3090. It eventually went on its side and began skidding down the side of the road. It hit a pole, and at some point, the mixer became dislodged from the top of the truck. And that is what went barreling into the home.

The driver of the Navasota Concrete Company truck, 39-year-old Gerald Alexander, died at the scene after he was ejected from the vehicle. Lonzie says it's not the first time there's been an accident on the curve by his home.

"They've torn the poles down more than five or six times since we've been living here," he said.

For now, the task is to savage what is left in the Roberson's home of more than three decades.

"We're all just thankful that nobody was in here, nobody was hurt," Shakaira said. "This can be replaced. A life can't."

And as for where the next home will be...

"Much further back off the road when we rebuild," Lonzie said. "We will rebuild here, but we're going to move it back off the road."

So hopefully, no more sunny Saturdays are so tragically interrupted.