Arrest Made in Murder/Robbery After Body Found on Hwy 21

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A Stafford, Texas man is in jail in New Mexico after investigators say he killed his own brother here in Brazos County Friday.

Brazos County Sheriff's investigators say 27-year-old Kyle Wischnewsky orchestrated a plan to lure his brother to Highway 21 near Kurten, where he then allegedly shot him twice in the head.

It's an unthinkable crime that left 42-year-old Clifford Wischnewsky of Tomball dead, reportedly robbed and gunned down by his younger brother over $14,000 and a pickup truck.

Signs of tragedy littered Highway 21 East near Kurten Friday morning after a truck driver noticed a body lying on a cattle guard with his face covered.

Clifford Wischnewsky was shot two times in the head. Investigators say he and his brother were traveling in his Ford F 250 to purchase two ATVs.

"When they arrived up here they were towing a trailer to carry those back and Clifford was also carrying enough money to pay $7,000 a piece for each of those all-terrain vehicles," said Sheriff Chris Kirk of Brazos County.

Sheriff Kirk says now it was all a ruse.

"At this time we do not believe there was a Craigslist connection to this and that the whole time it was Kyle's intent to lure his brother to an area and steal his money," he said.

Kirk tells us Kyle Wischnewsky took two of his guns from his mother's house in Stafford, Texas before Clifford picked him up and Clifford was also known to carry a .380 caliber handgun.

At first they thought Kyle might be a victim too.

"We were really concerned that we were dealing with someone that might have been hurt or injured or killed or a hostage you know," said Sheriff Kirk.

Their search for Kyle Wischnewsky's whereabouts led them to Carlsbad, New Mexico after they pinged his cell phone and police there found the stolen Ford F 250 in a hotel parking lot.

Wischnewsky was taken into custody by a SWAT Team after trying to run.

They found a .380 caliber handgun on his belt.

"To learn that he was alive and registered in a hotel in Carlsbad, New Mexico was somewhat of a surprise," Kirk said.

Kyle Wischnewsky has an extensive criminal history and had a warrant out for his arrest out of Polk County for credit card fraud.

His bond in Carlsbad, New Mexico has been set at $1,000,000.

His girlfriend was also found with him at the hotel and at this time she has not been charged and her name is not being released.

Meanwhile we're told Clifford Wischnewsky leaves behind a son and daughter.

Brazos County Sheriff's Investigators are traveling to New Mexico for evidence and also to interview the suspect.

The trailer reported stolen after the crime was recovered off of Interstate 45 in Madison County.

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The Brazos County Sheriffs Office has made an arrest in the Clifford Wischnewsky homicide.

The victim's brother 27-year-old Kyle Wischnewsky has been arrested in Carlsbad, NM charged with the first degree murder.

Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk believes Kyle lured his brother to Brazos County in a ruse to purchase two ATV's from a buyer for $7,000 each.

Kirks tells us there was no seller or Craigslist ad but was part of a plan to rob Clifford Wishnewsky and steal his pickup truck.

Autopsy results indicate Clifford Wishnewsky was shot twice in the head.

Law enforcement pinged Kyle Wischnewsky's cell phone after they learned he'd accompanied his brother to Brazos County which led them to Carlsbad, NM.

A SWAT team took him into custody at a hotel there.

His brother's stolen Ford 250 was recovered at the hotel and the suspect was found carrying a .380 caliber handgun in his belt.

Kyle Wishchnewsky remains in jail in Carlsbad, NM on a $1,000,000 bond.

Kyle's girlfriend was also with him at the hotel. She has not been charged at this time and her name isn't being released.

News 3 will have much more on this breaking story tonight at ten.

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Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk will host a news conference to provide details of the investigation and arrest at 2:00 PM

KBTX will have more on the story as it updates.

Brazos County authorities now believe the body they found Friday morning was of a man lured to the area from Harris County to make a purchase, only to be murdered and robbed.

The body, now identified as Clifford E. Wischnewsky of Tomball, was found lying on a metal cattle guard off Highway 21 East near the Sand Creek intersection close to Kurten. A trucker noticed the body and called police to the area around 9:00 a.m.

Brazos County Sheriff Chris Kirk revealed Friday night that they received a tip around noon from a Spring resident who said Wischnewsky, a friend, had come to Bryan Thursday to make a purchase of two Polaris all-terrain vehicles from a buyer he did not know.

Information provided from the tip led authorities to identify the body as Wischnewsky, 42. Kirk says he had a wound to his head, but did not provide more details as to what caused it.

The victim was reportedly driving a 2005 Ford F-250 pickup truck, white in color, with a Texas license plate 29NGS2. The truck was pulling a 18-foot homemade flat-bed trailer. It has angle iron rails and a Texas license plate CTYR65. Both are unaccounted for, and authorities believe the murderer or murderers stole that property.

Authorities say those involved are armed and extremely dangerous.

If you have any information on this crime, you're asked to call the Brazos County Sheriff's Office at (979) 361-4900 or Crime Stoppers at (979) 775-TIPS.

Wischnewsky's next of kin has been notified.