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Mosquito Abatement Program Pays Off

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A mosquito can breed in even the smallest drop of water that's why the twin cities are both offering rebate program.

"The mosquitoes are starting right now to breed, even in flowerpots, wagons, ash trays left outside. So we're trying to reduce our population for the whole year," says Katie Elrod with College Station's Neighborhood Services.

College Station is joining Bryan in offering up to a $200 refund for residents who use mosquito dunks in their neighborhoods.

"City staff can go out and treat drainage ditches but we can't get in backyards," says Elrod.

Heirloom Gardens in College Station carries the mosquito dunks and they say a little goes a long way.

"In a 50 gallon water tank you would use just one or half of one," says Barbara Hardy.

Only mosquito dunks are reimbursed by the city, but store shelves are lined with more than just one way to get rid of mosquitoes.

"We have mosquito beater, you put it on your lawn and it's ready to use," says Hardy.

But if you still get mosquitoes, there are plenty of products on the market to repel them.

Including a plant called citrosa.

You plant it in your front or back yard to repel those pesky bugs.

But no matter what you choose to use, professional say always, always say read the label.

To get involved in the neighborhood mosquito abatement program call College Station's neighborhood services at 764-6262.

The refund requires a service plan signed by a representative of the neighborhood, a receipt of Mosquito Dunks bought, and also a post-treatment call about which areas were actually treated with the dunks.

The rebate is good for up to $200 within a calendar year.