Local Dance Group To Perform in N.Y.

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A group of talented teens has been invited to perform a dance routine in New York. And while they're fun to watch, their movements have a deeper meaning.

Hard work and dedication to their craft has earned these young ladies a chance to perform in front of thousands in New York. Company Abundance is a Christian Dance group which ministers through movement and they're about to make a big move to the Big Apple where they will spread their message to new audiences.

" Project Dance is a Christian Dance organization that brings companies from all around the nation and also the world and it's just an all day Christian dance concert in the middle of Times Square," said dancer Michelle Sipes.

The girls are excited about the opportunity to dance in New York and they plan to have fun on their trip, but they won't forget their purpose.

" It's exhilarating, it's exciting. It's New York City, who doesn't want to go, but more than that, we have a mission once we're there. God opens so many doors of opportunity," said dancer Becky Turner.

The group has been practicing long hours perfecting their dance,
always starting each rehearsal with a prayer.

" We're performing a dance called "Lay it Down" and it's about just breaking free, just laying everything down in front of the Lord," said studio owner Suzanne Moreau.

Many dancers in the group have worked together for years. They say they've learned from each other.

" We've all grown together and learned so much. I think we learn how to deal with different types of people. On our bad days and our good days, we have to work together as a team and get our dances accomplished," said Turner.

While the invitation is a big honor, the main purpose is the message.
They have a lot to say and they plan to let their feet do the talking.

To cover the cost of their trip to New York, the dance company is having fund raisers. A benefit performance and dessert will be held this Friday at A&M Consolidated Middle School at 7:30 P.M.
And a car and dog wash will be held at Suzanne's School of Dance located on Rock Prairie on Saturday from 10 to 2.