Leader in Women's Health Visits HSC

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A leader in women's health made a special stop at the Texas A&M's Health Science Center Friday. Her visit highlighted some of the current research being done on women's health issues.

"We've seen this new concept emerge focusing on things we don't know about women's health, about what questions women have for their physicians that physicians haven't been able to answer," said Dr. Vivian Pinn, National Institute of Health's Office of Research on Women's Health.

When it comes to women's health, Pinn may have well written the book. Holding previous positions at Howard and Tufts Universities as well as Harvard Medical School, the now Director at the NIH knows a thing or two about medical challenges facing females.

"We continue to see heart disease as a leading concern," Pinn said. "We see that there's been a decline in the incidence of breast cancer, and understanding why that's the case when we also see that fewer women are getting mammograms."

As with all health issues, Pinn says prevention is key. Additionally, she said when it comes to women's health versus men's health, both are not necessarily created equal.

"We need to make sure we understand where there are differences or similarities between men and women so that as we move in this 21st century towards personalized medicine, in other words medicines that are appropriate for the individual," Pinn said.

It's a message Dr. Pinn hopes lasts in the minds of these students long after her visit to Aggieland. "Research determines how we determine our public health policies, helps determine how practice health care, and helps us learn more about how we can take care of our own lives," said Pinn.