Rescue Workers Practice Their Skills

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More than 60 agencies are responding to a mock weapons of mass destruction. Disaster City is a 52-acre training facility designed to deliver the full array of skills and techniques needed by emergency response professionals.

"Texas Task force one trains on a regional basis but a lot of that training is classroom training. And this allows the members of task force to use tools and equipment we would normally have when we go to a disaster." says Jeff Saunders, Leader for the Texas Task Force One.

Search and rescue teams look for their victims in various disaster scenarios -- this one simulating a bombing at a federal building. Victims, who were Bryan High students, were pinned under rubble, cars and and amtrak train.

"I was a victim that had a concussion that had been thrown from a train. I was laying underneath the train in the ditch. I laid there for about 2 hours before they came and found me." says victim, Marisa Kahla.

The simulated scenario gives members the opportunity to train and prepare for a real disaster. This yearly training helps the members of Texas Task Force One brush up on their skills.

"We want to make sure they have all the tools they need to go out and help people and citizens of both the united states and the state of texas." says Saunders.