Community Mass Draws Local Catholics To Remember Pope

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Here in town, Brazos Valley Catholics gathered to honor the pope with a community wide mass.

"He showed us how to live and die, and he was an amazing amazing man for all the world," said one parishoner.

"I was really moved by all the wonderful things the pope did for us," said another.

A black veil hangs over the church's door as the faithful flock to remember their pope on the eve of his burial.

With folded hands and bended knees, prayers were offered to God, as Catholics do at every mass.

But this time it is with heavy hearts.

"We feel the great sense of loss. One that we admired, one that we looked for the teachings of the church," says Rick Alderete of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Bryan.

Although the pope's funeral is a world away, it is no less personal to Catholics here that mourn their great leader.

"He brought Rome to us," says Alderete.

Pope John Paul the second traveled to 120 countries during his papacy and made seven trips to the United States.

In 1987, he paid a visit to Texas Catholics in San Antonio.

He bared a message of peace.

But just as Jesus once asked for the little children to come unto him, so did John Paul.

Now children too small to understand are paying tribute to Pappa as he's known around the world.

And as his body is laid to rest, in the hearts and minds of Brazos Valley Catholics he will be remembered and loved forever.