Parole Board Reverses Johnson's Release

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He became the poster child for the dangers of drinking and driving, but an early release was tearing one family apart while helping another to cope.

But now, a Texas parole board has reversed its decision -- sending Kyle Johnson back to prison.

Johnson was sentenced to 12 years in prison and a public service announcement after driving drunk and killing 20-year-old
Brittany Young and 21-year-old Hollie Winn in 2003.

But the parole board decided to release him this September because the Young family spoke on behalf of Johnson at the parole hearing.

Hollie Winn's family was never notified that Johnson was up for parole.

When they found out, Hollie's father began a vigirous campaign to keep him behind bars.

The family was notified yesterday that the board reversed it's decision.

Johnson will be up for parole again in one year.