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New Paper Geared to the Hispanic Community

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It's hot off the press and there's a new paper in town with a familiar owner.

The Eagle was looking for a way to connect with their readers who speak Spanish. Fronteras is a syndicated publication that includes news and sports content from Mexico and Central America.

This weekly publication of Fronteras will include local, national and international news that’s geared towards the Hispanic community.

Ray Wilkerson, Executive Editor with The Eagle, says, "It’s an opportunity for us to bridge the gap with this Latino community that we haven't really done with the Eagle yet. I think it’s an opportunity for us to merge ideas."

"I think it’s really super and awesome that we're doing this. We need so much knowledge about what's happening in this area and there's so many people that cannot read the paper," says reader Yolanda Aguire.

With the growing population of the Hispanic community in Brazos County, Donnis Baggett, publisher and editor of The Eagle, says this new addition has been long overdue.

"When 20 to 30 percent of your population speaks Spanish, that means 20 to 30 percent spend money in Brazos County, speak Spanish, so they need to have information needs met; they need to have consumer needs met and smart business people realize that and looking for avenues to reach out to those people," says Baggett.

There are already two other publications aimed at the Hispanic community, but Baggett says he doesn't see Fronteras as a direct competitor.

"This is a different type of publication than La Voz. It's more international and local news in flavor. La Voz is more of a lifestyle publication," adds Baggett.

The goal of this new addition is to increase more local content and involve the Spanish speaking community.

You can find the Spanish publication at most area grocery stores and restaurants for 25 cents.