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George H. W. Bush, Singing Cadet

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Former President George Bush has invited Texas A&M's Singing Cadets around the world, but now, he's a member of the group.

At the ensemble's spring concert Saturday evening at Rudder Auditorium, the president was named an honorary member of the cadets, complete with a plaque and a sweater. Upon dawning the new garb, Mr. Bush shouted to the crowd, "Just call me Mr. Rogers."

Following the presentation, the 41st president joined the cadets for a rendition of God Bless the USA.

The group says he has done more than any other person to promote the Singing Cadets across the country.

Bush told the assembled crowd the group has always been one of his top choices when it comes to entertaining visitors from around the world. The Singing Cadets have performed for current First Lady Laura Bush, Mikhail Gorbechev, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, among others. They also sang at the dedication of Mr. Bush's library on the A&M campus.