Bryan Police & Local Club Fight Crime

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Local nightclubs are often a magnet for law enforcement.

But a new Bryan hot spot isn't waiting to attract cops, it's inviting them to the party.

Texas Avenue in Bryan has been a trouble spot for police for years.

So, when The Bend dance club opened its doors, owners didn't want the same reputation.

"Whether it be drugs, underage drinking, fights -- it's not going to happen. I'd rather fix the problem before it starts," says The Bend Manager Austin Grimes.

Grimes did something most clubs never do.

He called police, before police called him.

"Normally, club owners will come to us when they have a series of problems or concerns. In this case, this individual came to us ahead of time before the club even opened," says Assistant Police Chief Peter Scheets.

While Bryan Police monitor the parking lot, off duty Hearne Police are monitoring security inside the club.

"The security inside is doing a good job. But they can't be everywhere at once. We're making sure they're no problems inside and out," says Sgt. Shane Bush.

Sgt. Bush heads up the newly created Directive Deployment Team.

When business owners or even residents have a problem, the team finds a way to fix it.

"As those requests come in we implement a plan of taking care of it," says Sgt. Bush.

"We called them I went and talked to them and they've helped us out on everything we asked," says Grimes.

Grimes says it working. With police presences crime is down and business is up.

This past weekend the Directive Deployment Team's surveillance snagged five arrests for various offenses.