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Millions in Unclaimed Scholarships

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It's money there for the taking, but few actually do. Millions of dollars in scholarships go unclaimed every year. We'll tell you where the money is and how to get it.

The list goes on and on for local scholarships available for seniors in the Bryan/ College Station area and Bryan High's counseling center says students are taking advantage and racking up tons of money for tuition.

"All of our scholarships that we offer locally are claimed by the seniors," Chrissy Ponzio, scholarship coordinator at Bryan High.

But that's not the case nationwide. According to the College Board, millions of scholarship dollars go unclaimed because students are simply not applying for them. There are hundreds of national scholarships available. Many designed for a specific type of student.

Uel Stockard with the Bryan Noon Lions Club says there have been years when not very many students applied for the club's scholarships.

" Last year I think we had 12 that applied for Bryan noon scholarships. Obviously we'd like to have more," said Stockard.

This year the Noon Lions Club is offering three $15,000 scholarships to area students.

So where are the best places to find these hidden scholarship treasures? Start at a high school or college counseling center. Many provide a full list of scholarships offered in the area and for a particular field of study.

"You can get on the internet and surf and find lots of different scholarships," said Chrissy Ponzio.

The library is also an excellent place to find books and other resources for national scholarships.

Many counselors believe the reason that some students may not apply is because of their grades. Some scholarships are soley based on academics, but those who aren't at the top of their class shouldn't get discouraged.

" A lot of scholarships are based on financial need. So if you have a low G-P-A that doesn't mean that you shouldn't come in and apply for those scholarships," said Ponzio.

The best bet for students is to apply for every scholarship you qualify for. You may be one of few applicants, thereby increasing your chances of receiving one.