Second Rabid Skunk Found in College Station

Another skunk has tested positive for rabies in College Station. This is the second rabid skunk found this month in the Raintree subdivision.

Test results on the skunk, found in the 2500 block of Raintree Drive, came back positive Monday.

Anyone in the area who comes in contact with a skunk, is asked to call police at 764-3600.

Rabies is a deadly disease spread through saliva and is contractible by any warm-blooded animal.

Signs of a possible rabid animal are:

· Change in behavior - Nocturnal animals out during daylight hours
· Unexplainable paralysis or inability to move
· Not eating or eating strange foods
· Pawing at the mouth
· Appearance of choking
· Difficulty in swallowing
· Chewing at the site of a wound or bite site