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Another Taxing April 15th

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April 15th is a day dreaded by the those who fill out the forms, and those who deliver them.

"It's a hectic day," said Bryan postmaster Ron Glenn. "It's a hectic day for those people that have to make that deposit to Uncle Sam. It's also a hectic day for the employees because those people coming in just aren't as cheerful as they have been in the past."

"They would rather wait until the last minute to do it, which always amazes me why they wait until the last minute," said window clerk Ken Dooley. "And lucky for them that we're still open."

With the extended hours also comes an extended pile of paperwork, forms people have heard of, some that they haven't, and of course, the ever popular extension. The tax deadline sees 10 percent of filers rushing to get their forms in. Despite the new e-filing craze, there's still the charge at the end.

Asked why so many people have waited, Laura Wilson said, "Probably for the same thing. If they owe a lot, put it off until the last minute. Mine's been ready for two weeks. I just chose to wait."

"Probably the same reason I do. It's kind of painful to write checks," according to Mark Korzenewski. "If you can get an extra day out of it, an extra two days, you'll do it."

"We've had some tell us because it's a tradition," said Glenn. "We've had some who said they didn't have the money."

No matter what the rationale, what can be said when the final papers are whisked away?

Only 364 days until Uncle Sam calls again.