Second Round of Annexation Talk in CS

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More annexation talk at College Station city hall Tuesday, but much of it the same as last time.

In the second public hearing concerning the possible expansion of the city limits to include more than 3,000 acres of new property, residents once again turned out to voice their displeasure with the idea.

More than 1,700 Brazos County residents would become College Station citizens if the council approves the six additions. Three of those are along Wellborn Road, with one south on Highway 6 that includes the Texas World Speedway.

As with last week and the first public hearing, most were concerned with having to pay city taxes, an additional burden some said would force them out of town.

"If you annex us, we're going to be forced to sell our home and move, because we cannot afford anymore taxes," said Phillip Ross. "My wife was almost in tears today because she's afraid we're going to have to sell our home, or the thought of even selling our home and moving."

The council will hear a final report on the annexation plan on February 14, and could vote on the plan on the 28th.