Florida Primaries Go to McCain, Clinton

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Republican presidential candidate John McCain has
momentum on his side heading into Super Tuesday, turning around a
campaign that appeared near collapse last year.
McCain won Tuesday's Florida primary and now leads Mitt Romney in the delegate count.

The Arizona senator tells The Associated Press it's a "very significant boost" and shows he's "the conservative leader who can unite the party."

The Florida victory is worth 57 national convention delegates for McCain.

Romney was second and Rudy Giuliani third. Republican officials
say Giuliani will throw his support to McCain Wednesday. Mike Huckabee has told supporters he'll forge on.

Florida marks the end of one phase of the campaign, the last in
a series of single-state contests. Things go national next week,
with more than 20 states holding primaries and caucuses on Tuesday.

More than 1,000 Republican delegates are up for grabs.