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Scotty's House

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According to Child Protective Services, more than a thousand Brazos Valley children were abused last year.

And those who track the stats say the problem is getting worse.

You may have passed by the little white house with blue trim a thousand times and never realized, inside this modest looking home, children tell their stories of abuse, both physical and sexual.

Out of tragedy, Scotty's House was built 10 years ago.

"Every child can be at risk," says Linda Patton, Executive Director of Scotty's House.

Patton tells the story of Scotty Burford with intensity, because Scotty's story could be any child's story.

Scotty's mother was a prominent Brazos Valley doctor.

But after a bitter divorce Scotty's dad abducted him from a local day care and fled.

Seven months later, Scotty's tragic story came to a brutal end when FBI agents closed in on the father.

"His father shot and killed Scotty and shot himself," says Patton.

It is that caliber of violence, that Scotty's House is trying to prevent.

"When a child first tells somebody the abuse has occurred a report is made. The point being to not re-traumatize the child by telling the story over and over again," says Patton.

One of the most experienced interviewers in the state, talks to the children about their abuse.

It's recorded, and often used in court proceedings so the child only has to tell their story once.

An examination room also provides comfort and safety for children who have been sexually abused.

Soon Scotty's House will need to expand because of the growing number of children it serves.

Gwen Gray has been working for Child Protective Services over 20 years, and says the problem is in many ways worse.

"Some of the family practices that go on in a home border on abuse or neglect or is abuse or neglect and they don't know it," says Gray.

A cycle of family violence becomes the norm, unless CPS can step in to stop it.

"We have many families that we worked with the grandparents, with the parents and younger generations. It just keeps going if we're not able to stop it," says Gray.

Last year alone, CPS investigated 2 thousand 54 cases of child abuse in the Brazos Valley.

Scotty's House was able to help four hundred.

To help fund a new half million dollar facility, Scotty's House will hold its annual Shoots and Ladders Baseball Tournament on Saturday April 30th.

The fundraiser features Bryan and College Station Police and Fire Departments in friendly competition.

Everyone is invited to come out the the A&M Consolidated Tiger Field for the first game at 10 a.m.

There will also be children's activities and live entertainment.

If you need to report child abuse call CPS at 1-800-252-5400.

And hopefully many more in the future so they will not have a tragic end to their story.