Voter Registration Deadline Monday

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The deadline to fill out your voter registration card for the primary election on May 29th is Monday April 30th.

Citizens didn't get their voter registration card at the usual time in December. Instead there was a 4 month delay because of the battle over redistricting.

Kristy Roe is the Brazos County Tax Assessor who says more than 76,000 voter registration cards were mailed out this month to residents in Brazos County.

Roe says once you have your card, check to see if your precinct has changed.

"Voter cards can't be forwarded. So if anyone has moved, they are not going to get their card if they haven't given us that change. We need them to contact us if they haven't received that card so we can get that cleared up,” said Roe.

To confirm your voter registration status and get more information on the voting process visit