Newton Gets New Execution Date

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A woman on death row whom Governor Rick Perry spared temporarily moments before her execution last year, now has another execution date.

Frances Newton's attorney says a judge Thursday scheduled the
40-year-old Houston woman to die September 14th.

She's to die in the fatal 1987 shooting of her husband, seven-year-old son and 20-month-old daughter. Prosecutors say she killed them to collect $100 thousand dollars in insurance money.

Newton says she thinks they were killed by a drug dealer she knew only as Charlie, to whom she says her husband owed money.

Defense attorney David Dow says he hopes to test bloody carpet
from the crime scene to exonerate Newton before she is executed.

Perry granted Newton a 120-day reprieve hours before her scheduled December First execution. That was to give her attorneys time to investigate questions about the evidence used to convict her, but their efforts failed to clear her.