Young Bryan Girl Fighting to Survive

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Erin Buenger is seven years old and was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer called neuroblastoma in 2002. She's been in remission for the past two years, but the Buenger's received some unsettling news last month. Erin's tumor was back.

"Its difficult to face the reality that having gone through as much as we went through it obviously had not been enough; it had not done the job and when neuroblastoma reoccurs, its much more difficult to get rid of it." says Walter Buenger, Erin's dad.

After going through the physical and emotional strains of chemotherapy -- Erin's little body has to fight all over again. But she's staying strong.

"It's tough going through it but you know if your test comes back good, you can go home. And going home is the best medicine." says Erin.

Not only is Erin physically fighting for her life, but her teachers are getting involved. They're sponsoring a team in this years Relay for Life in Erin's honor and helping raise money for cancer patient care.

Susan Honea, is heading up the team and the entire school has been collecting aluminum cans to help show their support.

"Erin is very special; she's touched all of our lives with her hard work and her spirit; she's so positive." says Honea.

The Buenger family is appreciative of the support of Erin's teachers and classmates through this difficult time and hopes she will fight this once again.

"To have a good year and normal year--beyond that its difficult to predict." says Walter.

Erin is in for the fight of her life and her bright red hair and darling dimples hold to hope for the future.