Jurors Wait for Confession Tape

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Jurors in the James David White capital murder case were on the edge of their seats Friday as the state played what they call White's taped confession.

This is the first time the tape has been played in open court.

But by the end of the day, White was still denying any involvement in the murder of Lonnie Turner Sr., a prominent Navasota business man.

During White's first trial, only jurors heard the tape, and now the second jury will have to wait until next week until they hear White admit any involvement in Turner's murder.

The interview between White and investigators was recorded April 7th, 2003, six months after Turner's murder.

At the time, White was yet charged with murder and the only evidence detectives had against him was a mask found near the crime scene with his DNA on it.

White originally denied he knew anything about the mask, but the more investigators questioned him, the more they say it changed.

Eventually, White told investigators he found the mask, had scissors in his pocket and cut holes in it so he could scare some neighborhood kids on Halloween.

The interrogation was classic good-cop, bad-cop, but White continued to insist he was not involved in the murder -- even yelling at investigators when they pressured him to tell the truth.

There was still no confession.

This was an unexpected cliffhanger to the first week of the trial.

Prosecutors says first thing Monday morning, jurors will hear White's confession and also testimony from investigators who say James David White's story just didn't add up and friends say he tried to pay them to lie for him.