Alleged Kidnappers Caught, Meth Lab Discovered

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A meth lab is now at the center of an investigation which began with a kidnapped College Station woman.

Authorities say the house the woman escaped from in Washington County was being used to make methamphetamine. Officials say the contents found within could fill a 50-gallon crate.

Arrests and charges regarding the lab are pending.

Meanwhile, early Wednesday morning, investigators caught up with two suspects believed to be involved in the kidnapping.

Rodney Lucy, 37, and Christi McDaniel, 32, are now behind bars and face multiple charges including aggravated kidnapping.

Investigators caught up to the two in Jefferson County early Wednesday. It was there McDaniel was taken into custody, but Lucy managed to get away.

He was finally arrested before 12 p.m. in Lavaca County.

Authorities believe the duo, along with Kenneth Busse, kidnapped the 31-year old College Station woman in Navasota exactly one week ago. Busse was arrested Monday in Grimes County.