House, Senate At Odds On Stimulus Plans

CAPITOL HILL (AP) - There appears to be a lapse on Capitol Hill
in the bipartisan support that sped an economic stimulus plan
through the House.
Senate Democrats say they are going to force votes next week on
adding rebates for senior citizens and disabled veterans and
heating aid for the poor to the House-approved plan.
The decision sets the stage for a contentious fight between
Republicans who are balking at adding to the bill and Democrats who
believe it should be larger.
Under Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's plan, the Senate could
vote as early as Monday on a bill that would tack 32 billion
dollars onto the House measure with rebates of $500-$1,000 to all
but the richest taxpayers, with more for families with children.
Reid says the measure is still on track to be completed by
February 15th.