Jewett Hopeful of Landing Project Similar to FutureGen

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The death of FutureGen could mean new life for the Brazos Valley's chance to land a similar project.

The Department of Energy may have pulled the plug on the Illinois power plant, but but what does that mean for Jewett?

"Right now we just know there is a lot of activity and we expect it all to be good for Jewett," Tom Wilkinson with the Brazos Valley Council of Governments said.

The Department of Energy canceled the emissions-free power plant Wednesday, citing rising costs for the $1.8 billion project.

"We all put in a lot of effort and all four were very good sites, so I would be as they are I'm sure very disappointed," Wilkinson said.

It is a big blow for Illinois, but a rejuvenation for the Brazos Valley.

FutureGen may be a no-go, but officials say that doesn't mean the Department of Energy won't support similar projects.

"There is still a desire by the administration and the department of energy to create the opportunity to use coal which we have abundantly in this country and Texas to be a power source for U.S. in the future. We just need to learn how to use it clearly, efficiently and cost effectively," Wilkinson said.

Officials say the Jewett site is still an ideal spot for future projects.
That's because the site is in a lignite mine and next door to the expanding NRG plant.

"The important thing for this country to realize is that its the technology that we need to gain. We have coal and we have to learn how to use it, otherwise we will not become independent of future oil," Wilkinson said.

It still awaits to be seen what project, if any, Jewett will host.