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Jurors Hear White's Confession

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The capital murder trial of James David White is now in its second week.

And already the state has a confession under its belt.

Jurors sat almost motionless as James David White confessed to the murder of Lonnie Turner Senior and in graphic detail he recounted Turner's own son's involvement in the killing.

The only words White has uttered during his capital murder trial so far, are "not Guilty".

But jurors heard a different side of White when prosecutors played the tape of White's confession to investigators -- six months after the murder of Lonnie Turner, Senior.

First, White told the investigators it was Turner's own son, Lonnie Junior who shot him.

But the interview quickly turned into a confession.

In the tape recording White says Lonnie Junior handed him a mask and gloves and asked him to kill his father while the two were on the way to Lonnie Senior's house.

When White refused, he says Lonnie Junior turned on him.

White: "I guess he had two guns because he had one on me. And then, I guess he must have took the glove out of the truck. I'm like what man, I thought you said you're gonna get some clothes. He said put the gloves on. So I put the gloves on and he put the gun in my hand. He said, "Do it like that and if you don't shoot my daddy, I'm a shoot you and him." And he had a gun to my head and said, "If you don't shoot my daddy I'll shoot you just like that." I said man I can't do this s**t man. He said, "It's over." He didn't have a gun that cocked so I guess he made some kind of noise and it made me think he was getting ready to pull the trigger on me. So, I just shot him two times."

Investigator: "Did you go check on him to see if you shot him?"

White: "No sir."

Investigator: "How could you tell you shot him?"

White: "Ahhhhh."

Investigator.: "He was going oww, oww."

White: "I was like shoot man, I just dropped the gun."

Months before the murder, White says Lonnie Junior gave him blank checks from his father's funeral home.

White was later charged with check forgery.

White says Lonnie Junior used the checks as leverage...saying White owed him and killing his father was pay back.

Investigator: "Did he give you this check because he wanted you to kill his father?"

White: "No sir. He gave me the check in either June or July."

Investigator: "That's correct."

White: "But when I got in the truck with him he said you know what the money's for right. I said what. To shoot my daddy."

The state says White acted alone in shooting Turner.

But the defense says White did not have a motive for the killing, but Lonnie Junior stood to inherit a lot of money if is father was dead.

White also says he was on good terms with Mr. Turner and could not even look at him when he shot him.

Investigator: "Did Big Lonnie try to get up?"

White: "No sir."

Investigator.: "He just laid there?"

White: "Yes sir."

Investigator: "You don't remember where you hit him the first time?"

White: "No sir, because when I fired, I turned my head."

The state does plan to call Lonnie Turner Junior to the stand to hear his account of what happened the night of his father's murder.