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Hearne Mayoral Candidates Want Change

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Four employees were fired in September for credit card abuse, and Mayor Ruben Gomez almost lost his position due to misusing a city credit card.

After a year of turmoil for the City of Hearne, it doesn't come as a big surprise that the Mayoral race is a heated one.

In his 10 years as mayor, Gomez has seen small changes like repairing the roads and city growth, but if re-elected he wants citizens to become more involved in setting the agenda.

"Most of the problems is streets; areas of concern are flooding areas. What I want to do if re-elected is set goals, objectives and put them in place and make sure that they get accomplished on the concerns of citizens that are brought to my attention," says Gomez.

Emmett Aguirre says there's a need for new leadership.

"We must start working together toward building a better community; enforce ordinances to prevent the slumming of our neighborhoods. It's important for Hearne to be positive, the city has had some problems recently, and quite frankly, I think it’s time for a change," says Aguirre.

Richard Quinn is a retired Navy man and says he sees the city going in different direction.

"I don't think the city itself has worked that hard at drawing in businesses that provide multiple jobs for people here in Hearne. I figure if we raise the workload in Hearne, we raise the communities’ abilities," says Quinn.

Now it's up to voters to choose their city leader, and this year's selection will be pivotal for the future of Hearne.