School Board Candidates Discuss the Issues

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At Monday night's school board forum, the College Station place saw only one candidate attend. Steve Aldrich spoke about low TAKS scores among African American students.

"We know who they are," said Aldrich. "We know what we need to do to help them. We've just got to get it effectively working so we can help children also."

Bryan ISD's candidates discussed the new high school, and if ethnic makeup should be considered when drawing the new lines. One candidate stated line drawing should be eliminated.

"If you draw the lines, it means you have failed to provide a service to the community," said Bryan ISD Single Member District 6 candidate Clyde Garland, "and you're forcing people to do things to your will rather than to there's."

"As long as the core classes are taught at each high school, each high school can also diversify in AP classes and VO tech classes," said SMD 6 candidate Daniel Graalum.

"To the extent we can really let the parents and students in Bryan choose which school they would like to attend, I think that will be a real plus," said SMD 6 candidate David Stasny.

The candidates also discussed the proposed natatorium, and what the board should do if the city does not choose to pay for half the facility.

"We need to take other action with that money and see where we could alleviate the taxpayer a little bit there and reduce the funding there and give it back to the taxpayer," according to SMD 2 candidate PJ Vargas Jr.

"School board should freeze that money because the taxpayers that come out and voted were promised that Proposition 2 on the bond issue was for the natatorium," said SMD 2 candidate Pat Shields.

"I think it would be both beneficial for the city as well as our district in having the meets and attracting other districts into our own district," added SMD 2 candidate Dora DeJesus.