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Brenham High School Could Be Getting a New Athletic Complex

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The athletic department at Brenham High School could be getting a new home and right in their own back yard.

After almost seven years talking about it, action is finally being taken on a proposed athletic complex for the high school. Currently, the football players dress at campus, but have to travel across town just to get to practice. With this 20,000 square foot complex...that will be a thing of the past.

"All of our practices fields will be located on this campus for girls and boys, they can just walk out to go to the difference fields," says John Forsythe, Director of Student Services for Brenham HS.

The majority of the funds collected so far have come from former Blue Bell executives Ed and Howard Kruse, who have donated $1 million for the proposed facility. Both are active in supporting the school's athletic programs. Ed says the new complex is necessary to accommodate all of Brenham's athletes.

"Every aspect of our athletic program has been fantastic and we have a great coaching staff that deserves our support," says Ed Kruse.

The current facilities are clean and well-maintained but the lack of space currently has several teams sharing dressing rooms. Along with the additional fields, the complex would include an upgrade to their weight room, a training room and dressing areas for varsity, JV and freshman boys and girls.

"Our student athletes have performed very well. They're very competitive at Brenham. They've learned what it is to win. They've gone out and represented this community and our school district in a very positive way," says Forsythe.

A group of Brenham citizens are working together to raise the rest of the money by going door to door asking for financial support of the new facility.

"They realize the need. Many of them have children or grandchildren that are involved in athletics and they know what it’s like and that we currently don't have facilities that is needed," says Kruse.

With just more than $600,000 left to raise, Brenham ISD is hoping to get this project started within the year.