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Shattered Dreams

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It was a staged event, but the scenario could and does really happen. Shattered Dreams, a program which re-creates the effects of drinking and driving, was staged at Bryan High Wednesday.

It was a very somber day at Bryan High. Students watched as one by one their classmates were taken by the grim reaper, becoming a victim of a drunk driving accident. The scenario is called "Shattered Dreams", an alcohol awareness program designed to combat teen drinking.

" We've planned it now because we're in the countdown to prom and graduation and so many students at this point in their life are starting to experience new things and we just want them to be careful and be aware of what drinking and driving can do to them," said Donna Willett, a Bryan High Special Projects Coordinator.

School counselors announced that the death of the students was caused by a drunk driver and read their obituaries. A cross was even placed on the school yard with the names of the victims.

Then came the mock car crash. It was as real as you can get. Paramedics, police, and a helicopter ambulance responded to the scene. Several students were injured and some died.

"It was a very emotional thing, it's very hard. When you do see it, it effects you," said Lilly McBride.

The scenario was all too real for Mc Bride, a Bryan High graduate. 2 1/2 years ago, her father was severely injured while riding his motorcycle and was hit head on by a drunk driver. Fortunately he was not killed, but McBride says the accident will forever affect his life.

"It broke my dad's left leg, both of his arms, it broke his nose and his jaw," said McBride.

McBride hopes the program will effect students. Organizers believe it does.

"We have worked with MADD and TABC through out this whole program and they travel around and do this in all the counties in our area and they say yes, it is a very effective program," said Willett.

The students we talked to say the scenario will make them think about their actions.

"Seeing it really hits close to home and it makes you really start to think about it. It could happen to you, it could happen at any moment. You're riding down the street and someone comes out from no where and just ends everything," said Dusty Reyes, a Bryan High Senior.

Family members of real life drunk driving victims will speak at an assembly Thursday morning in the Viking Gym.

Huntsville high school also held the Shattered Dreams program.