Davis Gets Court Date

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A hearing has been set to decide whether a local judge will be forced to step aside from a high profile capital murder trial.

Judge Rick Davis refused to recuse himself when Brazos County District Attorney Bill Turner filed a motion for him to do so.

Administrative Judge Olen Underwood will hold a May 5th hearing to make a final decision.

Turner was scheduled to prosecute a capital murder case in Judge Davis' court next month.

It would be the first time Turner would personally prosecute a case before Davis since a fall out in 2001.

Davis was issued a reprimand from the state judicial commission because of his dealings with a young prosecutor in Turner's office.

In the motion, Turner cites a web site of Davis' as proof the judge is still holding a grudge.

Judge Underwood could decide to recuse Judge Davis from hearing the case and assign another judge.

Or the judge may decide Davis should hear the case.