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The ''New'' Hawgs of Texas Rally

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A new brand of bad is heading to Lake Somerville.

But not too bad.

The Hawgs of Texas Motorcycle Rally is planning to clean up an event that in the past has been a little too rowdy.

They come from miles around, and they're getting revved up to rock and roll.

The Hawgs of Texas Motorcycle rally is just getting started.

It's five days of bikes, babes and entertainment but this year there's a new twist.

"Everyone we've talked to says there's something in the air that hasn't been here in years past," says Buda, an organizer of Hawgs of Texas.

The rally was once run by the motorcycle group Dawgs on Hawgs.

It was becoming notorious for nudity, drug use...and rowdy behavior.

When the group was banned from holding the event ever again, a grass roots effort by local bikers lead to the Hawgs of Texas rally, which is supposed to be more family friendly.

"This is a whole new management team, we've taken over and trying to do a righteous event, by bikers for bikers this is a motorcycle event with a motorcycle mentality but we also understand it doesn't have to go too far," says Buda.

Rally organizers and the Sheriff's Office hopes the new attitude will prevent the problems in the past.

"If we want to have good events, I'm all for it," says Sheriff Dale Stroud.

Stroud has helped organize law enforcement's role in the rally.

15 deputies and about 50 DPS officers will be patrolling.

It's a formula Stroud hopes will spell success.

"I think at some degree it will be different. I know a lot of the same folks will show up but there were a lot of good folks at the event last year. Just because it's that type of event doesn't mean the people themselves are bad -- You can have bad elements in any group so that's what we're looking for," says Stroud.

Business near Lake Somerville have come to count on the pack of people the event attracts.

Every biker spends close to 6 hundred dollars at local businesses...and that's a big boost to the Burleson County economy.

So as long as the bikers are having fun...and all is well --- they hope to make the ride to Lake Somerville a yearly event.

"We absolutely want to be here until the Lord takes us off the earth," says Buda.

Wednesday April 27
3:00 Undecided
5:00 50 Amp Fuse
7:00 Zero 2 Fear
9:00 Tubie and the Touchtones
11:00 Foghat

Thursday April 28
3:00 David Holt Perperual Motion
4:45 The Trolls
6:30 Patrick Murphy & the Murphy's Law Band
8:15 Blue Valentines
10:00 Lynyrd Skynyrd

Friday April 29
3:00 Madigan
5:00 Diamondback Texas
7:00 Terry Price "The Klone" (Elvis Tribute)
9:00 Patrick Murphy & the Murphy's Law Band
11:00 David Allen Coe

Saturday April 30
3:00 Sky Blue 72
5:00 The Johnston Band
7:00 Let's Zepplin
9:00 Kitty Spankworthy
11:00 38 Special