Gay vs. Wareing

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A war of words over the airwaves Thursday as two College Station city council hopefuls squared off.

Ron Gay and incumbent Robert Wareing pulled no punches as they hammered each other over the city's spending, dirty politics and of all things the city of Bryan.

College Station City Council Candidates Robert Wareing and Ron Gay are never at a loss of words when it comes to politics.

And the issue everyone is talking about is the council's spending.

A proposed city center was passed by voters in a $6 million bond.

Now the city estimates the cost at $30 million.

Gay says that's ridiculous.

"The voters have approved a 6 million dollar bond that has grown into a lake, a performing arts center and into the neighborhood of 40 million. I will tell the voters that something like that will not be passed on my watch unless that's what the voters want," says Gay.

"Right now it's only in a conceptual phase. It's like building a house, you say what you would like. We wouldn't move forward without discussion with the voters," says Wareing.

The discussion turned north, when WTAW moderator Scott DeLuca questioned Wareing about comments he made during a live interview at KBTX that Gay wanted to bus College Station school kids to Bryan.

"When you combine a government, the school district follows. There are people in College Station that don't want their kids bussed to Bryan schools," says Wareing.

"If I'm a citizen of Bryan I might be offended," says DeLuca.

"Bryan's got a lot going for it, College Station does too," Wareing fired back.

Gay says he never said anything about busing school children anywhere and he's been active in trying to find ways to save taxpayers money by working with the city of Bryan.

"I think it's a real shame that we will send a delegation half way around the world to spain but not work with our neighbors to the North," says Gay.

But no matter where you draw the line, there is a distinct difference between Gay and Wareing, that both are happy to point out.