Friends Implicated in Navasota Murder

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Friday was a turning point in the state's case.

Two of James David White's best friends testified they picked him up the night of Lonnie Turner Senior's murder around 10:45.

But in a statement to police in 2002, both Tramel Jones and Shelton Lewis said they picked White up at 8:30 and were riding around for an hour and a half.

That's right during the time police say Lonnie Turner Senior was murdered.

The state says all three men went to Lonnie Turner's house to commit murder for money.

Prosecutors say checks White stole from Turner months before the murder were used to pay for a shopping spree for Jones, Lewis and White.

On Cross Examination Defense Attorney David Barron asked Trammel Jones if he was smoking crack and asked the judge to instruct jurors that both witnesses testimony should not reflect on the guilt of innocence of his client.

Next week the defense will begin its case.

On the defense's witness list is both James David White and Lonnie Turner Junior.

Lonnie Junior is expected to be called to testify again Tuesday at 1:30 p.m.