C.S. Fire Chief Giordano Retires

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College Station says goodbye to its long time fire chief. Chief David Giordano is closing the book on a nearly 30 year career.

For nearly three decades David Giordano dedicated his time and his passion to fighting fires. He joined the College Station fire department in 1977 and rose to the rank of chief 20 years later.

Giordano is calling it quits, retiring and moving on to other things. It's a decision he says was tough to make.

" Looking back on my career, I think the timing is right," said Giordano

Over the span of nearly 28 years, fighting fires became second nature for Giordano. What he will remember most vividly from his years of service, is how the College Station fire department came together to help respond to the Aggie Bonfire Collapse in November 1999.

" I was absolutely amazed at how the operation was going and the coordination with all the many responders and just seeing how the community pulled together," said Giordano.

As friends and co-workers gather to say their goodbyes, it's a bitter sweet moment.

" You have mixed emotions about David leaving, meaning that we hate to see him go because he's done a lot for the department and there's been a lot of accomplishments. But we want him to enjoy his retirement and go on and do some other things," said Bart Humphreys, with College Station's fire department.

Giordano may be retiring from the fire department, but his knowledge and experience won't go to waste. He'll be helping train the next generation of first responders by working part time for Texas A&M's Emergency Services Training Institute. He also plans to relax and do a lot of off shore fishing in his free time.

Giordano says he'll still be around to help the new fire chief and the city if they need him. While many are thanking him for his years of service, he too wants to say thanks.

"I want to thank the city of College Station for just an outstanding career they have given me. I especially want to thank the members of the College Station Fire Department for giving me the opportunity over the last 27 years to be their chief," said Giordano.