Remark Sparks Backlash

A remark interpreted by some as a slam on Bryan schools has created a backlash against a College Station city council candidate. This is what incumbent Robert Waring said during a radio forum yesterday, "When you combine the government, the school district follows right along with it, and our kids start gettin' bussed to Bryan. And I am not gonna have any part of that. I am not gonna have my kids or your kids or grandkids bussed to Bryan."

Here's the reaction from one College Station resident whose kids attend Bryan, "I am offended by the comment Mr. Wareing made about not wanting kids from CSISD bussed to BISD. I don't think that degrading one community for your own benefits helps anybody."

Bryan school board president Merrill Green says it's a moot point since neither a school district nor city council has the authority to start bussing kids to a different school district. "First place, it's politics and it's a shame that politics have gotten that. But I don't want to get involved in their politics. I will say this that Bryan and College Station work together a great deal in a lot of issues in the school district," says Green.

Late today, Waring explained his remark saying...."I love Bryan, it is a great city. I just want College Station and Bryan to protect their separate identities, their great traditions."